Why Re-Able

Why does Re-Able exist?

Those with a brain injury diagnosis experience the greatest difficulty across many systems -  healthcare, transportation, access to many aspects of community. 

Those with a newly diagnosed brain injury are often overwhelmed and face many challenges in successfully navigating the transition to community from hospital. 

Our healthcare community is quite experienced in helping all persons, especially brain injury and stroke survivors, procure equipment needed for functioning. 

However, many other physical and social barriers often remain unaddressed during the transition to home, resulting in re-hospitalization and complications such as falls, social isolation, depression, caregiver stress and exhaustion as well as more life-threatening issues such as pneumonia, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, heart disease.  

There is a strong need for advocates in the line of community re-integration for all those who are able to participate - which is what pushed Dr. Mehta to create Re-Able.